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From: Dr. Jeanette Cates
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Video Rocks! When was the last time you “listened” to TV? Or “read” a YouTube Video? The fact is – video is our natural communication mode. We rely on a combination of audio AND video to get our meaning across.

But when it comes to creating video, there is a lot of confusion. After all, most of us don’t feel qualified to produce video. We don’t have a studio, hair & makeup artists, and there is no production staff waiting for us to appear.

In fact, we don’t feel at all qualified to create, produce, and share video.

But All Of That Has Changed! Video Is An
Everyday Part Of Every Marketing Effort

With the advent of cell phone cameras, suddenly everyone is a video producer. But just because you “can” doesn’t mean you “should.” After all, that cute kitten video may get a million views – but will it sell your book or product?

The secret lies in creating the right video for the right purpose.

That’s why I’ve put together a quick and easy solution for you – so that you can see exactly which type of marketing videos to create!

Introducing One Hour Video Marketing

No one has time to waste, particularly when it comes to getting the word out about your product. That’s why we’ll focus on ONE HOUR. That’s a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to a single project.

And keep in mind – once you learn to create these videos, it will take you a LOT less than one hour! In fact, some of the videos you’ll be able to crank out in 10 minutes or less.

The full course is delivered to you in a password-protected members’ site so that you can log in at any time, use the materials, then be on your way. There’s no guessing where to find something – it’s all in the site!

Each module is shown as an “over-the-shoulder” video so you can see exactly what to do, step-by-step. Plus, you’ll understand WHY you’re doing each step, as well as HOW to take each step.

[ez_box title=”Module 1: Slide-Based Videos” color=”red”]

Slide programs, such as PowerPoint, provide an easy way to create the visual components of your videos.  In this week you’ll leverage your existing skills with PowerPoint to:

  • Explore the three major types of PowerPoint videos you can create today
  • Review the recording tools – including free and inexpensive software
  • Choose your first method of recording slide shows
  • Create a one-slide FAQ video
  • Create a multiple-slide 3-point video
  • Record each presentation

And now that you have several videos ready to publish, it’s time to share them with your audience.


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[ez_box title=”Module 2: Basic Video Distribution Methods” color=”red”]

Like any type of skill, your ability to post a video quickly and easily takes some practice. In this module you will take your existing videos and share them with the world. You will:

  • Set up a YouTube account
  • Post your first video to your account
  • Write a keyword-rich description
  • Share the video via social media
  • Repeat the process with additional video sites

You will be amazed at how quickly your videos start generating traffic to your website!


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[ez_box title=”Module 3: Cool Video Tools” color=”red”]

Now that you’ve mastered the basic slide-based video formats, you’ll want to expand. And it’s easy with the growing number of new video tools coming onto the market every week.  In this module you will see how to:

  • Create an animated cartoon
  • Build a hand-drawn video that grabs your audience’s attention immediately
  • Use your iPad to create and edit video
  • Use an inexpensive tool to generate multiple videos from the same content

And of course, new videos of new tools will be added as they come onto the market!


Cool! I Want To See Those Tools!

[ez_box title=”Module 4: Maximizing Your Video Traffic” color=”red”]

All of the new traffic and attention you’ll get from your videos is just great – but now it’s time to go beyond the basics and start to refine your video presence. In this module you’ll learn how to:

  • Brand your video channel
  • Encourage others to share your videos on their sites
  • Use hidden videos to populate your membership sites
  • Tracking your video success


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By the time you finish all of the content in this course you’ll be on your way to feeling confident about your video skills! Plus you’ll have more traffic and attention for the products you want to promote.

You’ll never again envy those who talk about their videos and how popular they are. Instead, YOU’LL be the one with the Video Fame!

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Easy methods for sharing your videos with the world
Module 3: Cool Video Tools
Cutting-edge tools that generate great results while turning out to be easy to use!
Module 4: Maximizing Your Video Traffic
How to increase and track your traffic from video marketing
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